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qTalk is an IP-based collaboration suite for video conferencing, screen-sharing and participative “teamwork” from distant locations as long as multiple users are connected on robust IP highways. Developed and deployed as a part of our IP-PBX enterprise communication networks in Defence and Railways. It has most of the features that leading video conferencing solutions provide. Plus, it can interface with audio-bridges for users to join the conference through regular PSTN telephones. Users with Video-IP phones connected to the office IP-PBX can also join the desktop-based video conferencing.  It uses standard security algorithms for video payload as well as for signaling. It is also available in another variant that can provide additional security, making ISAKMP encrypted VPN tunnels that will work only from trusted computers. This variant can be used for sensitive Government communication.

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A unified collaboration suite

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For bulk deals and discounts, please contact Mr. Rajesh Tuli - +91 989 14 99 300.

Terms and conditions*:

These terms and conditions for the use of qTalk and all related policies and documentation expressly incorporated herein govern the access to or use, downloading, initiation, or administration of the qTalk service, including related software applications, by you and, if you are using the service on behalf of or for the benefit of any legal entity or business, such entity or business.  This is a legally-binding contract between you and Qubit Inc. for the use of this service. Qubit Inc. a startup corporation located at E-2, Sector-63, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India for the use of service.

By using the service, you agree to and accept these terms, and, if you are using the service on behalf of or for the benefit of any legal entity, you represent and warrant to Qubit Inc. that you have the authority to bind such legal entity to these terms and enter into these terms on such entity’s behalf.  IF YOU DO NOT HAVE SUCH AUTHORITY OR DO NOT AGREE TO THESE TERMS, THEN YOU SHOULD NOT ACCEPT THESE TERMS, ACCESS, USE, DOWNLOAD, INITIATE, OR ADMINISTER THE SERVICE OR AUTHORIZE OR PERMIT ANY OTHER PERSON OR ENTITY TO DO SO.


The service is provided as-is and without support, and Qubit Inc. makes no commitment or guarantee – and shall have no obligation – relating to any availability/unavailability, uptime/downtime, performance, reliability, functionality, features, or other operation/inoperation of the service (including without limitation any integration or other feature of the service designed to interoperate with any third-party offering).  You acknowledge and agree that (a) the service will not be uninterrupted, error-free, or available 100% of the time, (b) content may be transmitted, streamed, communicated, recorded, received and/or stored through the service and other users or participants in your meetings may export, save, store, record, or copy such content by or on behalf of you or other users in a variety of ways (including without limitation via third-party integrations or local or external download), (c) the service is not intended to, and should not, be used for back-up or long-term storage of data, and (d) Qubit Inc. shall not be responsible for any such exported content or any loss of such stored content. The use of mobile applications may utilize underlying third-party cellular and/or data services and thus may use such services’ allotted units and/or result in usage or other charges associated with such third-party services. You would put in place the required security environment to safeguard against any misuse by the users.


Qubit Inc. may – in its sole discretion, at any time, with or without notice, and without any obligation or liability to you or any other party – suspend, terminate, limit, change, modify, downgrade, and/or update the service (in whole or in part), including without limitation any feature, functionality, integration or component thereof.

* qTalk is an open-source software available at We acknowledge the use of open-source libraries and software repositories including Jitsi Meet, FogBus, FreeSwitch, Google Cloud AI, Open VPN, and OpenSwan.

**Cancellation Policy: You as a customer are not allowed to cancel an already booked room. However, room times can be rescheduled. Please contact our customer service (Mr. Rajesh Tuli: +91-9891499300) . 

Refund Policy: If not satisfied and requested within one hour, a full refund will be made without asking any further questions. Refunds are processed in the original mode of payment and credited within 7 to 10 business days.

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We are offering unlimited rooms to FREE ROOM users. This will be later limited to one room a day.

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